Sunday, September 26, 2010

Animation Lessons

I'm in a quest to learn basic to advance animation but unfortunately, I don't have the $$$ to enroll in school that specialized in animation like Animation Mentor. So I decided that I will have to learn it by myself. How will I do it? Well, I have been reading blogs and watching some progress reel by some AM students and I have to say that their lesson program make some real sense. They start from bouncing ball then move their way up to animating fully rigged character. If it won't create an issue to AM, I will try to follow their program but through observations only and learn the principles in animation by reading Disney Animation - The Illusion of Life and the Animator's Survival Kit. And of course, I will be using free rigged characters and props and using Blender 2.5 as the primary 3d tool and get some feedback and critics from the guys at Wish me luck ^_^

btw: Here's the list of exercise that I'm going to do

Lesson 1 week 1
red-nelb pose - Happy
bouncing ball animation

Lesson 1 week 2
red-nelb pose - Sad
bouncing ball (heavy and light)

Lesson 1 week 3
red-nelb pose - Thrilled
ball obstacle course - pinball obstacle design

Lesson 1 week 4
red-nelb pose - Fear

Lesson 1 week 5

red-nelb pose - Relaxed
dougie animation

Lesson 1 week 6
red-nelb pose - Mad
dougie animation 2

Lesson 1 week 7
red-nelb pose - Courageous
red-nelg legs -walk cycle

Lesson 1 week 8
red-nelb pose - Bored
red-nelb legs - personality walk

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